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Springs & Things designs and manufactures wire formings in many shapes and sizes.

There's something about wire forming that brings out the best in the design and production staff at Springs & Things, a Mississauga, Ont.-based manufacturer of springs and wire forms.

“No wire forming challenge is too large, and they will push themselves and our machinery to the limits if that's what it takes to meet and exceed customer requirements,” the company says. 

Most wire form orders are for clips, clamps and retainers, but that's just the start. A wire form can be shaped into just about anything imaginable — and with a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel.

Springs & Things designs and manufactures wire formings in many shapes and sizes, and from a wide range of materials. To ensure uniformity, the company’s experienced wire form specialists use the best CNC equipment to manufacture products for their customers. 

In fact, the company recently welcomed a new addition to its shop floor — a CNC spring and wire form making machine — which helps Springs & Things meet increasing demands in fine wire springs and wire forms.

“We offer many options of wire forming materials and finishes, and can begin the quotation process after seeing even a rough sketch,” the company says. “We also have 60-plus years of experience manufacturing wire form prototypes for many innovative new businesses.”

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