REDwire Wide selection of shaft keys ideal for mechanics and repair personnel

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Daemar's comprehensive portfolio includes a selection of shaft keys.

Daemar has been managing the sourcing and delivery of millions of essential components to the manufacturing and MRO marketplace for more than 40 years. Its comprehensive portfolio includes a selection of shaft keys in assorted sizes to meet the needs of mechanics and repair personnel. The selection includes machinery keys, woodruff keys, gib head keys and spring pins.

Machinery keys

Daemar’s machinery keys are manufactured from 1018 carbon steel and available with a plain or zinc-plated finish. They are stocked with both ends square, though units with one end round or both ends round are also available. Lengths vary from ½ to 3-¾ inches, depending on the user’s requirements. 

Woodruff keys

DMR woodruff keys, also known as half moon keys, are machined from 1035 steel, and available from stock in 50 SAE size. Standard widths range from 1/16 to ½ inch, while standard lengths range from ¼ to 2-¾ inches. Special sizes and materials are also available on special order from the factory.

Gib head keys

Used for holding pulleys and gears tightly on the shaft, gib head keys are tapered ⅛ inch per foot to fit snugly on the shaft. They are machined from 1018 steel, and available in lengths from one to six inches.

Spring pin kits

Daemar carries two sizes of spring pin assortment kits. The DMR SP1 kit contains 10 each of 12 sizes ranging in diameters from 1/16 to ⅛ inch and lengths from ¼ up to 1-½ inches. The DMR SP2 kit contains 10 each of 12 sizes ranging in diameters from 5/32 to ⅜ inches, and lengths from one to 1-¾ inches.


Shaft keys are part of Damear’s portfolio of products designed to help with alignment. The supplier also carries products aimed at sealing, retaining, sliding and protecting.

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