REDwire Weigh feeders offer advanced features for bulk proportioning applications

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Weigh feeders are available from Continental Conveyor.

Continental Conveyor specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of mechanical bulk materials handling equipment and systems to meet almost any industrial requirement. Its product offering includes weigh feeders, a weighing system designed for the continuous bulk proportioning of solids.

Continental weigh feeders

These self-contained belt feeders from Continental Conveyor feature a controlled drive system, and include:

  • A Milltronics MSI belt scale that is electronically balanced to assure the weighing process is immune to changes in loading across the width of the belt, resulting in faster reaction time to variations in load, and greater weighing accuracy and feed rate control of the conveyed product.
  • Milltronics speed sensors housed in a rugged weatherproof enclosure.
  • Milltronics microprocessor-based integrators that display flow rate, total, load and speed.

The feeders are designed to operate in either the shearing or wild flow modes of weigh feeding. In a shearing application, for example, the weigh feeder is designed to meter a specific bed depth of material from a hopper opening. In a wild flow application, on the other hand, the weigh feeder is designed to have material pre-fed into its inlet by another device, such as a screw feeder, vibratory feeder or rotary airlock.

Selecting the appropriate mode

Backed by more than 50 years of experience, Continental Conveyor has the expertise to determine which mode is most appropriate for a given application. The company takes into consideration the bulk material properties to be weighed and moved, accuracy requirements, hopper or pre-feed device characteristics, and the physical and electrical application requirements. Armed with that knowledge, the company’s team of experts can recommend a weigh feeder that’s right for the application.

To learn more, contact Continental Conveyor.


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