REDwire Web-based energy management solution available from PIC

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The VMU-C family of products consists of multiple units designed to monitor energy management.

Carlo Gavazzi’s integrated web-based solution for energy management, VMU-C, is available in Canada from Process Instruments & Components (PIC). The VMU-C family of products consists of multiple units designed to monitor energy management. 

Meet the family

The VMU-C EM unit is a micro PC with web-server and FTP push capability. It can gather electrical variables information from up to 32 energy meters, and up to 11 arrays of optional VMU modules, and send this information to an external FTP server owned by the end-user. VMU-C EM provides critical information on the electrical plant quickly and automatically using a standard browser, so the data is available from anywhere. Such information includes voltage, amps, kilowatts, temperature and more.

VMU-W is the universal mobile modem for wireless data communication when wired Internet is not available. When used in combination with the VMU-C core unit, the two help manage the plant by sending SMS alerts to maintenance personnel on mobile phones.

VMU-P EM is the environment variables module. It has the capability to measure two temperatures, one analog input, and one pulse rate input. 

VMU-O EM is the I/O unit. It can be used in combination with a VMU-C or a VMU-M module (see description below), and allows the addition of two digital inputs and two relay outputs for a standard application. 

VMU-M performs the local bus management of VMU-P (environmental variable unit) and VMU-O (I/O unit). It assigns the proper local unit address automatically, and gathers all the local measurements coming from VMU-P. It can also provide two relay outputs via VMU-O modules, so it can manage alarms and/or external loads and two temperature inputs (only for local management). 

Together, this family of products has the capability to both log data and manage it, whether it’s from local or remote units. And, with the VMU-O I/O modules, the system provides relay alarm contacts and digital inputs (i.e., for status indication, to sense the tripping of an automatic switch, etc.). 

Learn more

For additional information on Carlo Gavazzi’s VMU-C family of products, contact Process Instruments & Components, an established industrial controls distributor based in Markham, Ont. Carlo Gavazzi is just one of the leading manufacturers the company proudly represents.


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