REDwire Five ways to save time and money with anti-seize lubricants

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Using anti-seize lubricants can improve efficiency and avoid unwelcome consequences.

Anti-seize lubricants can save time, money and headaches in MRO applications. Though using these lubricants adds an extra step to the repair or maintenance process — the reason some workers don’t bother with them — the benefits far outweigh any perceived inconvenience.

Henkel explored this topic in a blog post, and highlighted five typical MRO situations where using anti-seize lubricants can improve efficiency and avoid unwelcome consequences.

1. Equipment assembly and disassembly

Anti-seize lubricants will fill in the gaps between the threads and protect bolts from moisture, corrosion and other harmful conditions, while adding lubricity that makes it easier to remove and replace as needed.

2. Protection of mated metal parts

LOCTITE anti-seize solutions prevent the kind of wrenching in close-fitting parts that puts components out of tolerance, while also keeping corrosion away.

3. Extending life of expensive fittings

When you have studs welded or cast into one side of a larger equipment part, the last thing you want is a seizure in these fittings. If that happens, you either have to cut them and replace the entire assembly, or drill out and repack the hole before installing a new bolt. Either way, it’s a time-consuming and expensive repair that can be avoided with anti-seize lubricants.

4. Reducing downtime due to seizure

The bolts that hold casings around electrical components in aggressive chemical environments are also at high risk of corrosion. When these casings have to be opened for preventive maintenance, sometimes it’s impossible to get the bolts off, which means the head of the bolt has to be torched off, a very costly operation. But with anti-seize lubricants, these bolts are easily removed for maintenance during scheduled downtime.

5. Reducing part breakage

Penetrating oil doesn’t always work for breaking off rusted on bolts. And if there’s rust, the integrity of the bolt is reduced. In these situations, torquing might shear the head off, resulting in the need to break out the drill or weld a bracket into place for yet another expensive repair. Alternatively, anti-seize lubricants can be applied to skip the headache.

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