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Loctite 545 Pneumatic/Hydraulic Thread Sealant is one of many sealant solutions Henkel provides to keep machines running.

Given the many inherent challenges of maintenance in the mining industrysafety should always remain a priority with every worker, manager and owner. After all, mine operators have the primary responsibility under the Mine Act to prevent the existence of unsafe and unhealthy working conditions. 

Selecting the right products is one way to help reduce some of the risks, and support efforts toward an accident-free workplace. There are three areas in which Henkel products can help make mining operations safer.

1. Sealing hydraulic leaks

Much of the heavy equipment used in mines is hydraulic, requiring hydraulic fluid to be transmitted throughout the machine to various pumps and cylinders. Sealing hydraulic leaks is not only critical for the maintenance of this machinery, it also prevents hydraulic fluid from pooling on a floor and creating a slip hazard. Loctite 545 Pneumatic/Hydraulic Thread Sealant is one of many sealant solutions Henkel provides to keep these machines running.

2. Anti-slip coatings

It’s virtually impossible to completely avoid moisture on mining floors. Loctite Bigfoot Anti-Slip Coatings are among the strongest, most aggressive anti-slip solutions available for these sometimes treacherous areas.

3. Adhesive versus welding

Welding is inevitable in many machinery repairs and other mining applications. But whenever an adhesive — such as Loctite Structural Adhesives — can be substituted for the use of a welding torch, it eliminates an inherent safety issue. 

Mining maintenance safety is also improved when products are used correctly. Hazard warnings and labels are clearly delineated on the packaging of all Henkel products, and the company is always available to answer questions about proper product usage to alleviate any worker safety issues or environmental concerns.

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