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Exel North America has found a way to reduce costs for its customers in the steel drum market without compromising quality.

Reducing operating costs is an ongoing challenge for many industrial companies. However, sometimes cost reductions come at a price — quality. Exel North America has found a way to reduce costs for its customers in the steel drum market without compromising quality. All it takes, the company says, is four simple steps. 

1. Convert to the new generation of AVX Airmix guns. The Kremlin ATX Airmix gun, from Exel North America, has been the standard in the industry for many years. However, the company’s engineering group recently developed a new automatic application tool that delivers about 10 per cent higher paint mileage and improved transfer efficiency, while offering the same reliability and performance as the ATX guns. At the same time, this new version offers an improved and more controlled coatings film build. The result is less overspray, superior finish and reduced coating cost. Converting from an ATX automatic solution to an AVX automatic solution has already reduced costs for Exel customers

2. Heat the coating to thermal viscosity flat line temperatures. The cooler the paint, the higher the viscosity of the coating. When the viscosity is higher, more atomization energy is required, which dramatically reduces paint mileage. Exel recommends using the AD 60 Heater, in conjunction with its AVX guns, to keep the coating at the lowest viscosities for better paint mileage. 

3. Keep the coating heated. As the coating travels through the hoses and tubing, it begins to cool. Heating manifolds can be installed on the guns and fluid regulators to keep the coating warm when it’s being applied. 

4. Use the correct spray tips. Exel North America has developed spray tips that deliver a superior finish quality and offer high paint mileage and great coverage, while helping to reduce paint consumption. 

Exel North America recently introduced a new Steel Drum Market package brochure. The brochure explains in greater detail how better coating atomization can reduce steel drum coating costs.

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