REDwire Three ways to protect threaded pipe during transport

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Caps and plugs can protect threads from impact during transport.

Drilling pipes for use in the oil and gas industry are expensive to purchase, and when they are damaged, can be expensive to repair or replace. The parts of these pipes that most often require attention are the threads. Both male and female pipe ends that are threaded are regularly exposed to the potential for damage. Bending these threads or creating burrs in the threads can lead to difficulty fitting them together or poor seals.

The most dangerous point in the process for the threaded pipes is transport. They can move around, come into contact with foreign objects, or otherwise endure abuse. Impact protection during transportation has to be a priority for an oil and gas producer who wants to ensure smooth operations.

Caps and plugs can protect threads from impact during transport in a number of ways: 

1. Long and short thread protection sleeves are quick and easy to attach, and are non-threaded for easy installation. They provide simple impact protection for external threading. 

2. Sucker rod protectors, specially designed to protect the high-grade polished steel of the sucker rods, screw onto the ends of the pipes tightly for high retention and superior protection.

3. For pipes with female threading, plugs are the way to go. Many of these female ends also feature sealing surfaces that have to be protected from dirt and debris. Plugs such as sucker rod plugs and hammer union protection plugs both protect the threads and keep out debris.

Oakville, Ont.-based Daemar offers a wide variety of caps and plugs for the oil and gas industries. The products are designed to protect pipes on the trip to and from the oil field, and will reduce the need for repairs or remanufacturing, saving both time and money. Thread protection is vital for the optimal successful operation of drilling systems in the oil and gas industry. 


Daemar Inc.

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