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Duratec Airline is a compressed air and inert gas piping system designed to save industrial plants and food and beverage companies time and money.

When compressed air systems aren’t functioning at peak capacity, businesses lose more than just air. They lose money in the form of wasted energy and wear on compressors, and increased operating and maintenance costs. But there’s a solution to help cut these losses.

Duratec Airline is a compressed air and inert gas piping system designed to save industrial plants and food and beverage companies time and money. The introduction of Duratec Airline composite pipe and fittings marks a North American first in the industrial compressed air and inert gas market — IPEX is the first company to manufacture and sell such a composite piping system meeting all of the necessary ASME Codes and OSHA safety standards.

Constructed of HDPE layers permanently bonded to both sides of an aluminum core, the system combines the corrosion resistance of plastic with the strength of metal, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including compressed air supply, hand tool operation, valve actuation, bulk inert gas delivery systems and CO2 delivery for carbonated beverages. The result is a tougher, longer lasting piping system that can handle even the most demanding compressed air or inert gas requirements, and at the same time save the user time, labour and money in a number of ways.

1. Lowers installation costs

Duratec can lower installation costs for a compressed air system because it is faster and easier to put together than traditional metal systems. It requires no special training or equipment to assemble, and its long, lightweight coils allow workers to install longer runs with fewer joints. Plus, there’s no soldering or threading required, which saves contractors time on the job. It arrives on the job site ready for quick, clean installation. 

2. Lowers operating costs

Duratec delivers lower operating costs than a traditional metal air piping system. With long runs that require fewer joints between pipe lengths, there are fewer places where air leaks can occur. And its rugged fittings feature double O-ring seals to ensure maximum joint integrity.

3. Increases compressor life, decreases maintenance

Because the system reduces energy loss due to leakage, it ultimately reduces wear and tear on the compressor. It also extends the life of the compressed air system, providing years of reliable maintenance-free service. Due to its corrosion resistance, Duratec won’t rust or scale, and therefore won’t contaminate compressed air or inert gases, even after years of operation. The system also ensures the highest level of cleanliness and contamination resistance, right from startup. The fittings are delivered individually bagged, and before delivery to a job site, the pipe is purged with nitrogen to ensure cleanliness.

The Duratec Airline system is proving itself in applications across North America as a time and money-saving solution. 

Duratec is a trademark of IPEX Branding Inc.


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