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An industrial blender is a versatile machine to mix dry and granular commercial products within a variety of industries.

An industrial blender is a versatile machine to mix dry and granular commercial products within a variety of industries.

Food products, women’s makeup or pharmaceutical drugs created in a laboratory, for example, are produced through the mixing action of a commercial blender, which assists in powdered substances to be mixed evenly and proportionately.

Professional conical and ‘V’ Shell blenders are equipped with automated drum loading systems, which allows for ease in transferring powders from drums, straight into the blender and back again to the drum after a complete mix cycle.

Because of this automation mechanism, the quality and quantity of materials is improved: less material waste, less cleanup and less transfer of material all equal less material waste, all the while effectively eliminating external mechanisms such as vacuum transfer equipment or costly filter bags.

Mix up your standard industrial blender options and consider the following commercial blenders each with its own benefits and specific features based on typical applications.

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Conical blenders

Conical blenders consistently combine dry and semi-dry substances using a cascading, folding and spreading action at quick intervals.

Because of how the conical blender moves material in an end-over-end revolving motion, substances are more equally distributed, improving material uniformity and dropping blend variation to one or two per cent.

The even distribution of mixing conical blenders provides is enhanced with the optional addition of an internal deflector cone; this component is typically installed over the conical blender shaft area to improve mixing functionality.

Ribbon Blenders

Used commonly for solid-to-solid, solids-to-liquid and thin past applications, ribbon blenders are engineered with stainless steel, alloys and welded with rounded corners complete with a one-piece outer shell.

Accessibility is seamless because of the three-piece agitator shaft design, which comes with bolted coupling flanges – a big help in removing the agitator when necessary without interrupting the drive assembly.

‘V’ Shell blenders

Designed for diversity of gentle blending jobs to more intensive applications, ‘V’ stands for victory because of the improved mixing efficiency and precision of this V blender. The intermeshed action of two inclined cylinders inside the shell blender cuts down overall mixing times.

V blenders come with a solids agitator bar with a cantilevered design, which is ideal for the de-agglomeration of or dispersion of minor ingredients or materials.


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