REDwire Watt-hour meter testing made easy with Megger instruments

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Megger carries a range of instruments for watt-hour meter testing.

Megger offers a range of instruments for watt-hour meter testing. From portable meter testers to advanced test systems, it has the right tool to meet the testing requirements for any size operation.

E-Z Test Meter Test Jacks

The 99800 Series E-Z Test Meter Test Jacks are designed to increase safety and to simplify testing of socket-type watt-hour meters. These units feature dead-front construction and are moulded from a tough, glass impregnated polycarbonate to withstand daily field use. They also feature a unique, simplified connection system that utilizes lever-actuate cams to connect the meter blades to the test jack. A husky bypass bus is incorporated to handle customer loads, even at extended range meter installations that use the new 320-ampere, self-contained meters. Four models are available for safe, convenient and efficient field testing of most common socket-type meters.

PA-2505K Phantom Load

The rugged PA-2505K Phantom Load operates from a single-phase source and is designed for field testing single-phase and polyphase watt-hour meters at 50 and 100 per cent power factor. The unit utilizes a heavy-duty selector switch in conjunction with a variable autotransformer to provide continuous adjustment of the load current. This enables close control of the output for different load circuit impedances or in the event of variations in the source voltage. The unit is rated for continuous duty with forced-air cooling provided by a built-in fan. Primary and secondary test leads are furnished as standard equipment.

PHAZER Watt-Hour Meter Tester

The PHAZER family of watt-hour meter test sets are true three-phase, fully automatic systems capable of testing virtually all types of ANSI socket-mounted and bottom-connected single- and three-phase electricity meters. The lineup includes models for testing socket-mounted meters, as well as panel-mounted and bottom-connected meters. Additional features include 32-bit operating software, state-of-the-art optical sensing and built-in, automatic calibration routine.

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