REDwire Water-based adhesives offer many advantages for manufacturers

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Adheco’s wide range of water-based adhesives have a proven track record for productivity, bonding performance, cost savings, workplace safety and regulatory compliance.

Water-based adhesive technology has evolved in recent years. Adheco, a leader in water-based adhesives, says the technology is now at a point where it can be used to replace existing solvent adhesives with equal or better production speed and end bonding performance.

There are three main reasons the company encourages manufacturers to consider water-based adhesives. 

  • They offer better value. Adheco’s range of water-based adhesives and associated equipment offer manufacturers improved product design flexibility, more efficient production and superior end-use performance. Water-based adhesives have higher solids than most solvent-based products, offering better, more cost-effective coverage for faster production cycles, less waste and lower inventory and disposal costs.
  • They are environmentally friendly. Regulatory agencies are increasing pressure on manufacturers to reduce solvent use. Adheco’s adhesives meet or exceed current environmental compliance requirements.
  • They’re safe. Workplace safety is another area where regulatory agencies and insurers are increasing pressure on manufacturers. The elimination of toxic and/or flammable solvents means safer working conditions at a lower cost. In fact, Adheco’s water-based adhesives do not contain flammable components, and all of its foam adhesives contain zero VOCs, eliminating the special handling of toxic or flammable materials.

Adheco’s wide range of water-based adhesives have a proven track record for productivity, bonding performance, cost savings, workplace safety and regulatory compliance. The company assists with system design and installation, assigning a dedicated technical service representative to each customer to provide ongoing equipment service and preventative maintenance as required. Another bonus: product is stocked in the company’s Toronto warehouse, ready for immediate shipment to the customer’s location. 

Converting is easier than you think. Adheco’s experts can show customers how to convert to water-based adhesives that give them the improved productivity and fast payback needed in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. 

For more information on the advantages of using water-based adhesives, contact Adheco.


Adheco Ltd.

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