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Vibra Finish can help customers determine the most appropriate options for part washing.

Vibra Finish is known for offering a complete vibratory finishing solution. This includes part washing. The Mississauga, Ont.-based company has the capability to perform various washing processes using jet spray washers and power washers. But there are a number of factors to consider when determining which process is most suitable for the application, and Vibra Finish can help steer you in the right direction.

Jet spray washers vs. power washers

Jet spray washers use a warm, highly concentrated chemical solution to clean parts. In contrast, power washers use a low concentration of cleaning detergent and instead rely on impact force to clean parts. This lower concentration of chemicals in the power wash process allows the cleaning solution to be used for a longer period before it needs to be disposed of due to saturation. In addition, the low concentration of the solution in power washing makes it easier to rinse away the detergent. This minimizes the requirements for rinse cycles, saving both time and water.

Another benefit of the power wash process is its ability to reach all areas of the parts load. This is because power washers utilize an oscillating manifold system that is non-synchronous to the turntable’s rotation. In comparison, the jet spray process uses stationary manifolds that can blind some areas of the parts load.

The high horsepower and high pressures involved with the power wash process result in some additional requirements, such as high-current motors, an adequate power source and securing the parts to the turntable.

Consider the application

Taking all of these factors into consideration, power washing is superior to jet spraying for faster, more thorough cleaning in most applications, according to Vibra Finish.

While jet spraying is suitable for some applications that do not involve difficult soils, power washing offers faster cycles and more thorough cleaning. In addition, it minimizes waste and detergent use.

Power washing is often used for difficult soil removal applications, including burnt hydrocarbons, paint, scale, mastic, varnish, carbon and rubber. Typical applications include cleaning diesel engines, rolling mill equipment, aerospace components, and aluminum automobile engine parts.

Vibra Finish can help customers determine the most appropriate options for part washing. Contact the company for more information.


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