REDwire Warning: your business is losing time and money by not using this type of digging bucket

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Find out how an innovative digging application can save you both time and money for your bulk material handling, construction or forestry business.

Operators of traditional clamshell buckets used in bulk material handling or construction applications depend on either a two or four rope style of buckets with circular shells attached to hydraulic cranes. 

While a traditional clamshell bucket’s inner volume can scoop a high density of material and dig deeply into hard soil, there is a recent innovation in digging machinery that can execute more time efficient, cost-saving excavation applications.

Designed as a multi-purpose digging and handling bucket, the Grapner® works in tandem with hydraulic cranes to excavate and dig efficiently through toughened soils, rocks, stones and other loose materials of up to 8,000 pounds.

Find out how the Grapner® can save you can save the precious resources of time and money for your bulk material handling, construction or forestry business.

Digging deeper

Conventional digging buckets use technology with system mechanisms that move concurrently. The latest in digging bucket design developed for the Grapner® uses moving articulations that has the bucket work both together or separately.

This means that buckets can penetrate deeper into the ground by simultaneously working on one level in both the opening and closing direction of the buckets.

Moving faster

The Grapner® is constructed with special steel material that helps make the bucket resistant to rock abrasion and corrosion. The addition of a moving ejector also helps to remove residual materials gummed to the buckets such as wet soil, clay or mud.

Measuring better

Consistent width of excavation entry points allow for easy facilitation of tubes and cylinders. Subterraneous work including cables, gas and water piping allow for precise accuracy in planning and landscaping applications.

Saving longer

The improvement of hard terrain excavation mechanisms cut overall maintenance and repair costs, as well as increases the overall durability of the crane.

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