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The Surfox 304 system is the industry’s first MIG and TIG weld cleaning system.

When it comes to weld cleaning, metalworkers require a solution that is fast and safe, and one that won’t alter the surface of the parent material. Walter Surface Technologies has the answer — the Surfox 304 MIG and TIG.

The newest member of the Surfox family, the Surfox 304 system is the industry’s first MIG and TIG weld cleaning system, and the fastest and safest solution available to clean contaminants and heat tint off of stainless steel welds, the company says.

Best-in-class features

The patented electrochemical cleaning system features a flow-through system, which enables the cleaning of MIG, TIG and spot welds easily, without altering the surface of the parent material. It also promotes the formation of a uniform and durable chromium oxide passive layer to protect stainless steel against corrosion.

The Surfox 304 system includes two durable, high-resistant and conductive cleaning brush applicators for quick and efficient cleaning, and an exclusive quick-change brush system that allows users to easily change brushes. The triangular sleeve is ideal for MIG welds and large surface areas, while the cylindrical sleeve is designed for tight corners and spot welds. In addition, the system guarantees no pitting thanks to dynamic current control electronics.

The system has different modes for marking, etching, cleaning and polishing. 

Leading manufacturer

The Surfox 304 system is another innovation from Walter Surface Technologies, a trusted leader in surface treatment technologies. The Pointe Claire, Que.-based company has been providing the metalworking industry with high-performance solutions for more than 60 years. Its lineup includes abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical tools, and innovative environmental solutions. The company strives to offer “only the best” solutions, and focuses its efforts on developing products that will help customers increase efficiency and lower costs. 

To learn more about the Surfox 304 system or any of the company’s other offerings, contact Walter Surface Technologies


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