REDwire Wainbee offers hydraulic system protection with KleenVent KVE isolators

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KleenVent KVE Series reservoir isolators provide positive protection.

Parker’s KleenVent KVE reservoir isolator is available from Wainbee. This isolator can protect hydraulic systems from contaminants, resulting in reduced maintenance requirements and downtime.

How it works

The KleenVent KVE can protect hydraulic systems from contaminants, such as dust, chemicals and water vapour. It accomplishes this by using a bladder as a lung to prevent the outside atmosphere from gaining entrance through the reservoir’s breather vent. These isolators differ from conventional breather-vent filters in that they offer a positive separation without any chance of clogging and no need for maintenance.

KleenVent advantages

The many benefits of using KleenVent KVE reservoir isolators include lower maintenance costs, decreased system downtime, reduced waste disposal costs and longer filter life. These isolators can also be used with virtually any industrial fluid and on gear boxes. That's because they are available with bladders made from one of six different compounds to suit the application. They include:

  • Buna-nitrile is the standard option and can be used with most mineral oil-based fluids.
  • Hydrin offers enhanced low temperature performance.
  • Butyl is compatible with most phosphate ester fluids, as well as some synthetics.
  • Ethylene propylene is compatible with some synthetic fluids and water.
  • Fluorocarbon elastomer can be used at higher temperatures with most mineral oil-based fluids and some exotic fluids.
  • Urethane is another option that can be used with most mineral oil-based fluids.

These isolators are ideal for use in foundries, steel mills, automotive plants, pulp and paper mills, or any highly contaminated or humid environment. In addition, custom designs are available for mobile applications.

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Wainbee Limited

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