REDwire Wainbee carries reliable and versatile Hypneumat custom drilling and tapping units

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The selection available from Wainbee includes drilling and tapping units in a variety of capacities.

Hypneumat custom machines are available in Canada from Wainbee. Hypneumat manufactures automatic drilling units, tapping units, multiple spindle heads, machines and controls under the Hypneumat, Commander and Snow brands. 

Drilling and tapping units

The selection available from Wainbee includes drilling and tapping units in a variety of capacities — from ¼-inch to a more than one-inch drill and tap capacity, and stroke lengths from two to 12 inches. 

Lead screw tap units

These units are also available in a range of models and capacities — from ½-inch to one-inch drill capacity, and 1-¾-inch to 12-inch tap capacity. Some of the units offer added versatility, as they are able to be used for lead screw tap, air tap, drill, dwell and deep hole drill operations through electric control cabinet modifications.

Drill heads

Wainbee also carries Commander adjustable geared drill heads and Commander universal joint drill heads. Available in multiple models and sizes to suit the exact needs of each application, the adjustable heads are known for being low cost, efficient and versatile. Model 200, for example, has the capability to handle short-run multiple hole drilling and long runs. Models 400, 430 and 600, on the other hand, are lightweight and compact, which make them ideal for short-run quick-changeover applications. 

Universal joint drill heads are also available in multiple models and sizes. These sturdy units are ideal for heavy-duty applications, and have the capability to adapt to any drill press or automatic feed unit. 

Additional products

Under the Snow brand, from Hypneumat, Wainbee can supply standard single spindle vertical drilling and tapping machines, which offer flexibility; multiple spindle heads that are adjustable, adaptable, rugged, precise, compact and lightweight; reliable tapping attachments; and Snow machines that can be remanufactured to meet the customer’s budget and production requirements. 

For more information on the lineup of Hypneumat products available, contact Wainbee


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