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Visipak leverages its position as a leading extruder to provide innovative packaging solutions.

Cords Canada can supply a variety of packaging products from Visipak. Some of the products available include plastic boxes, clear plastic tubes, blister and trays, and thermoformed clamshell packaging.

The manufacturer is the largest extruder of clear PETG plastic tubing in the U.S., and it has facilities around the world. The company was the pioneer of clear plastic mailing tubes for the direct mail industry, and it has developed a number of other innovative solutions for packaging.

Plastic tube packaging

Visipak makes a wide variety of clear tube packaging containers. These extruded tubes offer exceptional clarity and are available in round, square, rectangle, triangle, oval and threaded varieties. Visipak tubes are made-to-order, and can be customized with many options such as labelling, printing, slicing and crimping. They are available in lengths up to 12 feet, with a broad selection of closures. These tubes are used to package all types of products, including hardware, cosmetics, toys and more.

Thermoformed clamshell packaging

The process of thermoforming involves heating a thermoplastic sheet, placing it over a mould, and keeping it under vacuum until cooled. Visipak uses thermoforming to produce blister packaging and shipping trays, as well as clamshell packaging, a popular choice thanks to its many advantages. Clamshell packaging, for example, enables consumers to see the product, while still minimizing damage and theft. It is also durable and versatile. When used with interchangeable printed inserts, one clamshell can be used to package a variety of products of similar size. In addition, empty clamshells nest well, so shipping costs are minimized and storage is convenient. 

More information

Visipak is certified to ISO 9001:2008. To learn more about the Visipak products available, visit the Cords Canada website.


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