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Process Heaters offers a range of drum heaters from Tempco.

Process Heaters can supply a variety of solutions to heat the contents of drums rapidly and accurately, including a range of metal jacketed and flexible drum heaters from Tempco. These heaters can be used to keep solid and semi-solid viscous materials warm, which helps to speed their flow.

Metal drum heaters

Metal jacketed drum heaters are available that feature easy installation, durable construction, a UL listing and CSA certification. These heaters will fit around standard 44- and 55-gallon drums, and are available with an optional drip guard to protect the heater from contamination by the drum’s contents. Additional benefits of these heaters include indicator lamps and a variety of diameters and ratings.

Flexible drum heaters

Flexible drum heaters made from silicone rubber are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These heaters are durable and resistant to chemicals, ozone, fungus, moisture and radiation. They are also easy to clean since few chemicals stick to silicone rubber. Due to their flexibility, they can be rolled up for convenient storage when not in use. They incorporate internal metal screens so they are surface grounded electrically.

Control options

Drum heaters are available with either thermostat control or infinite/variable control. Models with thermostat control can detect area temperatures remotely and then cycle the heater to maintain a preset temperature. These models allow three wattage ratings per thermostat setting and voltage rating, thanks to a three-heat switch.

Models with infinite/variable control can turn the current on and off. As the control is advanced, the ratio of “on” time will increase. The heater output can be set to low, medium or high.

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