REDwire Virtual tool teaches students welding safety, procedures and more

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VRTEX Engage is a standalone system designed to introduce students to arc welding.

Lincoln Electric believes that education is important, which is why the leading provider of welding equipment offers VRTEX Engage, a standalone foundational system designed to introduce students to arc welding.

Key features and advantages

VRTEX Engage is a cost-effective tool that helps educators train welders more efficiently and engages students to explore a career in welding. The system provides an introductory environment that incorporates STEM features, exposure to welding safety, procedures and techniques. It addresses introductory welding lessons, including safety, machine and process selection, welding procedure setup, welding theory and more. The system provides instant feedback and assessments on safety and correct welding procedure settings, and enables students to view a demo of each weld, perform the weld and replay their own weld with the instructor for review and analysis.

VRTEX Engage includes a 17-inch touchscreen monitor, welding gun, tracking device and a work surface, which is all contained in a lightweight, yet sturdy, portable carrying case. This allows the tool to be deployed in any setting, whether it’s in an industrial facility or a school.

This educational approach increases hands-on practice, and helps reduce waste and costs, as there is no metal or gas used in the virtual environment. In addition, there are no licensing requirements or annual fees for use. Users can simply open the box and get started.

Additional details

There are four models available to meet the needs of various customers. Each includes an MS Windows 7 Professional 32-bit operating system and a 128-gigabyte solid-state hard drive.

Lincoln Electric is a trusted name when it comes to welding solutions. In addition to the many welding and cutting products and consumables it offers, the company provides superior customer service, and has earned a reputation for its quick response and personalized attention.

“No matter where your welding operations are located today, no matter where they will be tomorrow,” the company says, “Lincoln Electric experts are ready to provide local support and create and implement solutions to fit your needs.”

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