REDwire Virtual reality systems offer flexibility for welding training

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Virtual welding trainers from Lincoln Electric can be used to simulate all types of welding procedures.

Lincoln Electric offers a range of virtual reality welding simulation trainers, such as the VRTX Mobile and VRTX 360. When used in combination with traditional methods, these systems can make training more flexible, effective and efficient.


Virtual trainers provide flexibility, as they can simulate multiple welding processes, positions and joint configurations. For instance, the trainers use a universal gun handle so students can practice welding procedures, including MIG/MAG (GMAW), flux-cored (FCAW) or stick (SMAW). The touchscreen displays included with these systems are used for a variety of functions, such as setting up procedures, starting and reviewing welds.

Effective training

These trainers use magnetic tracking to accurately measure student input. The trainers can provide students with real-time technique feedback in the form of visual cues. For example, when the student uses improper welding technique, discontinuities will appear in the virtual weld.

Students' welding procedures are also recorded to allow review and analysis, and an advanced scoring system is used for evaluation. These systems allow instructors to coach students while conducting inspection of virtual welds.

The trainers also provide a high level of realism, from the realistic sounds and appearance of the welding puddle to welding guns that can provide tactile feedback.


Virtual training eliminates any need for welding consumables, wire and waste. The amount of savings is easy to see, as these trainers have a function called Weldometer for tracking virtual consumables, gas and base material usage.

Product details

These systems include a virtual welding machine, touchscreen monitor, welding helmet with face-mounted display, welding guns, lesson books and more. The VRTX 360 features a dedicated welding gun and stinger that provides tactile feedback, further adding to the simulation's realism. To simulate the melting of a real electrode, the stinger device will retract at the appropriate rate. The VRTX Mobile is an easy-to-transport system, so it is ideal for moving from class to class or to a recruiting event.

For more information on the trainers available, contact Lincoln Electric.


Lincoln Electric (Canada)

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