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The Shimana Compact Video Measuring Machine is the latest tool in a long list of metrology instruments used for measurements and small parts inspection.

The Shimana Compact Video Measuring Machine (VMM) is the latest 21st century tool in a long list of metrology instruments used for measurements and small parts inspection. It is a contactless machine designed to make precise and accurate measurements in real time, while increasing productivity and reducing scrap.  

The Shimana brand of Video Measuring Machines, available from Brampton, Ont.-based Digital Measurement Metrology, can accurately measure two-dimensional parts in real time, from 28 times to 180 times the actual size. Measurements can be made in metric or imperial units using the optical video measuring software, and the machine has the ability to take pictures, save and export data into Excel and Word files. It can be used in a wide range of applications in various industries — from automotive, manufacturing, plastic and pharmaceutical, to nuclear, rubbers, stamped parts and service. 

Video machines can be a cost-effective alternative to co-ordinate measuring machines, or an option when it’s time to upgrade from an optical comparator or microscope. Weighing less than 20 kg, the Shimana SHGXVS126 VMM comes standard with a 200- by 100-mm worktable, and an all-in-one computer with Windows Office installed. The software is very user friendly with many features, including the edge detection program, where the user doesn’t have to be accurate while doing the measurements because the software will pick the points. The image measuring tools allow for quick measurement of point, line, arc circle, angle, B-spline curve, centre point distance, etc. Users can take pictures of the part and email it to the supplier or customer. 

Other features of the Shimana SHGXVS126 VMM include: 

  • Light but rigid aluminum alloy design;
  • Step zoom lens with detents that do not require linear calibration with the software;
  • High resolution 130,000 pixels CMOS camera without image card;
  • USB2.0 interface supporting plug and play, which can even be used with a laptop/notebook instead of a regular desktop PC; and
  • Powerful image-based measuring system, including geometric and image measuring capability.

The device is very simple to operate, and is compatible with CAM/CAM, Microsoft Word and Excel for processing results.

Contact Digital Measurement Metrology for more information on the Shimana SHGXVS126 VMM. The company provides the training, installation and ISO 17025 accredited calibration for this machine in Ontario and across Canada. 


Digital Measurement Metrology Inc (DMM)

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