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Vibratory bowls include batch bowls, flow-through bowls and flat bottom bowls. Vibra Finish Limited carries these bowls types either new or used.

Need to feel the vibratory finishing vibe? Get up to speed with this simple frequently asked questions guide on vibratory finishing essentials.

What is vibratory finishing?

Classified as a mass finishing application, industrial vibratory finishing professionals use a specialized metalworking technique that burnishes, deburrs and descales the surface of a workpiece with the goal of brightening and polishing the exterior.

How does vibratory finishing work?

Spherical beads called media is what helps make the magic happen. The workpiece and the media go into an electric-powered bowl where the contents are vibrated together.

Because of the vibrating action between the media and the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece alters in appearance and texture, which can range depending on the material of the workpiece, type of media used and length of time in the bowl.

What type of vibratory bowl do I need?

Vibratory bowls vary depending on the specific results needed to be achieved:

Batch bowls: this option is best for those quick vibratory finishing jobs because of its short application cycles.

Flow-through bowls: choose this type of bowl when uniformity is a priority in the evenness of the workpiece finish.

Flat bottom bowls: a key choice for its ergonomic-friendly design and low elevation of the bowl on the floor. With no additional levels or ramps to climb, the operator’s productivity improves, which in turn provides maximum vibratory results.

Who can I contact if I have more questions on the vibratory finishing process?

Vibra Finish Limited is here to help. We feel the vibe when it comes to providing expert solutions on the vibratory finishing process, material, equipment and service.

Established in 1971, we’ve grown to become one of the top production finishing facilities in North America. Our expertise in centrifugal, handling, tapping, tumbling and vibratory equipment manufacturing sets us apart from the competition.

Offering a wide range of industrial sandblasting, washing and wastewater treatment equipment, we’re well known in the industrial sectors -- ranging from aerospace to textile. Vibra Finish delivers superior ceramic, plastic and steel media products, as well as high quality new and used vibratory equipment.

Get into the vibratory finishing vibe with Vibra so we can deliver our industrial finishing services for your business.


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