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The Vibra Max Peener is a type of vibratory machine expertly manufactured by Vibra Finish.

Vibra Finish has more than 40 years of experience manufacturing vibratory finishing machinery. Among the lineup of top quality machines it produces is the Vibra Max Peener

About the Vibra Max Peener

The Vibra Max Peener is a type of vibratory machine expertly manufactured by Vibra Finish. This shot peening machine uses both force and energy to vibrate parts to strengthen and relieve stress in components, and achieve the desired part finish. For this machine, the frequency of the vibration does not impact the amplitude of vibration (how hard the parts are hit). The frequency only affects the time required to achieve the desired results.

Vibra Max uses a coolant (compound) to create a flow rate that dampens forces and, as a result, lengthens the time cycle. The compound also cleans the parts and protects them from rust; however, users must be careful not to use too much compound, because it will create more lubrication than required.

Another important consideration to keep in mind when using this particular machine is that the location of the parts within the machine affects the result. For example, when parts are closer to tub walls, the vibration is more aggressive.

A leading manufacturer

In addition to Vibra Max, Vibra Finish manufactures a wide range of surface finishing equipment to meet its customers’ needs. Its 40-plus years of production expertise, combined with an uncompromising focus on quality and customer satisfaction, has made Vibra Finish one of the most trusted vibratory finishing companies on the market today.

To learn more about the Vibra Max Peener, or any of the machinery the company produces, contact Vibra Finish.


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