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Vibra Finish can provide a smooth finish on parts.

If it’s a smooth finish that’s required, Vibra Finish can help. The vibratory finishing company has the capability to provide a smooth finish on parts with rust, jagged edges, rough surfaces, burrs, grease and more. 

Achieving the desired finish

Vibratory finishing is a mass finishing technique that offers a uniform finish on all parts. Parts are typically loaded in bulk or continuously fed into a vibratory machine, where media of various compositions, shapes and sizes are used, acting like thousands of small files scrubbing the parts. A compound is used to help clean the part, or give it the desired finish. Depending on the finish required, the amplitude and frequency of the vibration can be adjusted. The angle can also be adjusted to control the ratio between the forward motion and the vibratory motion. 

It’s this combination of media, compound and equipment that will determine the finish achieved. 

An industry leader

Vibra Finish is an expert when it comes to finishing applications, with 45 years of experience under its belt. The company’s customers rely on its expertise to guide them in selecting the most appropriate machine, media and compound to achieve a smooth finish on their parts. The sample parts processing lab allows it to determine the best approach before mass finishing, and the company does not move forward until the process is approved by the customer. 

Vibra Finish has four plants and 24-7 operations, allowing it to easily meet the needs of its many customers. It takes great pride in providing quality products, regardless of the quantity desired. The company can service customers with one piece, or thousands of pieces. 

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