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The Cleco I-Wrench from Dobco Equipment is a flexible solution for advanced threaded tightening.

Dobco Equipment is pleased to carry the Cleco I-Wrench, one of the most versatile production tools on the market today. Thanks to its many best-in-class features, this flexible torque and angle wrench is a top choice for many industries, from automotive and aerospace to rail assembly.

Key features and advantages

The Cleco I-Wrench is a flexible solution for advanced threaded tightening, resulting in a smoother, more efficient manufacturing process. It is rich with advanced, user-friendly features to meet each manufacturing need.

One of the unit’s key features is vibration notification, which is particularly useful in production settings where precise angle and torque calibrations can’t always be visually determined. Another feature, the colour display with digital touchscreen, displays real-time torque and angle data, and comes complete with LED indicator lights. In addition, the I-Wrench includes a patented measuring system for the angle of rotation, a rechargeable battery with nine hours of battery life, and a large memory capacity of one gigabyte for 20,000 values, 20,000 curves or 1,000 parameter sets.

Models are available in different standard configurations. They can be ordered with rubber protection, auto head detection, Wi-Fi capability or an integrated barcode reader. Many accessories are also offered to make production more manageable. These include a tool recognition programming unit, charging cradle, additional battery and external battery charger, a USB cable, and a dual access point.


The Cleco I-Wrench is available in Canada from Dobco Equipment, a leading authority and supplier of pneumatic tools and equipment to the Canadian marketplace. The company not only sells tools, but it has the unique ability to service the tools it sells.

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