REDwire Versatile Aeroex mist eliminators can suit any facility’s requirements

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Besides machine mounts, Aeroex eliminators can be used in central systems and exhaust ducting.

Aeroex carries a line of mist eliminators that is so versatile, it can be tailored to the unique requirements of each customer. For example, the units have many options for installation, including machine mount, duct discharge and central system. 

Many options

To suit the facility, mist eliminators can be installed on floor stands, wall mounts, suspended from the ceiling or mounted directly on top of machines and tanks.

When customers require a duct discharge configuration, Aeroex offers duct piping solutions as part of its Rox-Plug & Play system. The Plug & Play system is a kit that includes all the accessories needed to get the mist eliminator installed quickly and easily. The kits are available with two standard ducting configurations, or the company can offer a custom solution. Aeroex can supply both standard spiral ducting or NordFab leak-free quick-fit clamp ducting. Other accessories in the Plug & Play system include a motor starter panel, machine adaptor, chip strainer, five-foot tall floor mount stand, and an optional wall mount bracket. 


Aeroex eliminators use innovative technology to offer efficient emission control. In addition to the metalworking industry, these eliminators are used in a variety of applications that generate fugitive mists, smoke and bacteria. The many features of the eliminators include the ability to separate the majority of fluid without using filters. This ensures low maintenance and long life cycle. The company’s unique separation elements are highly efficient and typically last for more than 10 years.

Optional on-line cleaning

Aeroex mist eliminators are available with on-line cleaning systems. These systems will flush out any congealed coolant concentrate or fine solids, making the eliminator even easier to maintain. In addition, the eliminator media can be cleaned in place using coolant or water. Typically, cleaning is only needed every two to three years.

For more information on the many configuration options for mist eliminators, visit the Aeroex website.


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