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Founded in 2004, Vicone manufactures and supplies extruded and moulded rubber parts, custom made, to spec and on time.

Vicone is an entrepreneurial company that has developed a strong organizational culture based on a set of values. Not only have these values fuelled growth for the manufacturer and supplier of extruded and moulded rubber parts, but they have also driven the business value and experience Vicone employees strive to give each customer every day.

There are six values the company bases its business on:

1. Creativity: The creative minds at Vicone are always at work. Whether for conception, design, problem solving or parts optimization, the team puts its resources to work to find the best option for customers.

2. Reliability: Vicone prides itself on being a trusted partner. The company supports its clients in their entire development cycle and continuous improvement process. Team members take pride in meeting their commitments, including delivery times, quality, design, prototypes and parts for testing, problem solving, strategic supply and more.

3. Resourcefulness: Vicone values efficiency when looking for solutions, resolving problems or optimizing existing parts. The company is always eager to improve, looking for new solutions or better ways to help/support its clients.

4. Dynamic: Vicone is proactive, moving fast and adapting easily to technological and other changes. This quality is also evident in its customer service, with fast turnaround times and ability to adapt to the unexpected.

5. Flexibility: The company has exceptional flexibility to offer tailored solutions through its research, design, supply and delivery. 

6. Passion: Warm and enthusiastic, Vicone employees constantly demonstrate passion for their work and for serving their customers in finding the right solution.

Founded in 2004, Vicone manufactures and supplies extruded and moulded rubber parts, custom made, to spec and on time. The St-Eustache, Que.-based company collaborates, guides and supports manufacturers in their product development process — from concept to production — by using design, real rubber prototyping, strategic production and inventory management services. 

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