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The ARB Sorter is available in Canada from Norpak Handling.

The ARB (Activated Roller Belt) Sorter is turning heads in the industry for its unique angled roller belt design, and its ability to sort a wide range of products. Available in Canada from Norpak Handling, the sorter is a low maintenance solution for both single or multiple diverts.

The design

The sorter utilizes the patented technology of the Intralox Series 400 belting. Angled rollers are built into the Intralox belt, and they travel over a diverter module — a bed of gravity rollers mounted along the length of the conveyor. When an item needs to be diverted, the roller section is raised, making contact with the angled rollers in the belt. Then the rollers turn and move the item off the conveyor. It has the capability to move these items to the left or right.

The specifics

The ARB Sorter can sort up to 100 cases per minute with a maximum belt speed of 300 feet per minute. It can sort cases varying in size, from four inches by four inches up to about 18 inches by 18 inches. Maximum case size, however, depends on the distance between the conveyor’s frame rails, as well as speed and chute/spur size.

The rollers embedded in the belting are skewed at either 45- or 60-degree angles, depending on the speed and angle required for product diversion.

The benefits

This unique design results in many advantages. Most important, the diverting action is gentle, which helps eliminate product damage and, as a result, provides immediate and long-term cost savings to the user. In addition, the solution is versatile, offering flexibility in layout design. Another bonus: No additional drives are needed for diverting, as the single conveyor drive does it all.

The availability

The ARB Sorter is available in Canada from Norpak Handling. Norpak, along with McKessock Conveyor Solutions and Norpak Handling (B.C.), are part of the Northumberland group of companies. All companies in the Northumberland family are known for offering high-quality conveyor products and solutions to a growing list of customers across North America.


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