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The benefits of Hi-Tech Duravent’s FlexFast Couplings, also known as connectors, are as many and varied as their applications.

The benefits of Hi-Tech Duravent’s FlexFast Couplings, also known as connectors, are as many and varied as their applications. Ideal for hot and cold water, gas petroleum, sewage and sludge piped systems, as well as brine tanks and dry vacuum lines, FlexFast pipe connectors are a necessary component of any piped system. 


The connectors compensate for pipe misalignment, absorb vibration and noise, and provide for expansion and contraction. They can be installed quickly and easily in one-third the time it takes to install standard flange of metal couplings because they are installed with clamps instead of flanges. In addition, pipe ends don’t need to be machined and there are no bolt holes to align. Plus, no special pipe preparations are required — a wrench is the only tool needed. This significantly cuts downtime and labour costs. 

The connectors are constructed of neoprene rubber, reinforced impregnated woven nylon or silicone rubber and silicone woven fibreglass, and each convolution is reinforced inside and outside by a stainless steel ring. The connectors can operate in temperatures ranging from -20 to 225 degrees F for the neoprene models, and -75 to 500 degrees F for the silicone models. 

They are available in sizes 2-⅜ inches to 12-¾ inches for pipe sizes of two to 12 inches. 

Hi-Tech Duravent offers the most comprehensive hose and ducting product line in the industry. The company’s vast array of resources and worldwide locations allows it to continually expand its product line and offer excellent customer service. The company is committed to offering flexible hose using advanced technology.

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