REDwire Unique installation tool is the key to Safety Cable’s advantages

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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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The Terminator Tool makes Safety Cable installation fast and easy.

Since the development of Safety Cable in 1987, it has been recognized as the safest and easiest-to-install fastener retention system. Its superiority over lockwire is undeniable, as it offers dramatic savings in time and money, in addition to a better finished product.

One key reason for these benefits is the system’s unique installation tool. The patented Safety Cable Terminator Tool can tension, crimp and cut — all in one swift motion.

Terminator tool operation

To use the Terminator Tool, all that’s required is to put a loose ferrule onto the Safety Cable and then string the cable through the tool. At this point, the tool can now tension the cable, crimp the ferrule, and cut the cable flush to the ferrule. The amount of tension can be preset using an adjustment screw on the tool.

Terminator tool features

This tensioning/crimping tool features ergonomic design, durability and ease of use. It is short in length, so it can get into tight spaces where access is limited. In addition, the nose of the tool can be rotated 360 degrees to optimize the position for each Safety Cable Installation, while maintaining a comfortable grip.

More information

There are several models of Terminator Tool available for installing Safety Cable of various diameters. They include a tool for cable diameters of 0.022 inches, 0.032 inches and 0.040 inches. The tools are also available with nose lengths of three, five or seven inches.

The nose length of the tool should be taken into account when determining the length of Safety Cable required. To calculate the cable length needed, use this formula: the longest pattern length, plus the tool nose length, plus seven inches.

For more information on the benefits of Safety Cable, visit the Bergen Cable Technology website.


Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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