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SeaShield UW Epoxy is an ideal choice for underwater and other wet applications.

SeaShield UW Epoxy is a solvent-free patching compound used for repairing pits, cracks and voids in steel, concrete, wood and other surfaces in underwater applications. In fact, this epoxy has the unique ability to be mixed, applied and cured underwater. 

Key features

There are multiple features that make the SeaShield UW Epoxy an ideal choice for underwater and other wet applications, no matter the size of the job. It has underwater rapid cure characteristics, allowing users to quickly repair corrosion damage without any new corrosion damaging agents setting in. In addition, this VOC-free, 100 per cent solids epoxy is strong enough to resist the wave action typical in these environments. 

Easy application 

When working in the splash zone or in salt water, SeaShield Splashzone UW Epoxy should be applied as soon as possible to minimize new corrosion. It can be applied up to two-inches thick to patch or grout surfaces, but the user must first remove all dirt, loose paint, marine growth, spalling concrete, rotted wood and other contaminants from the surface. 

The epoxy features two components — Part A and Part B. Once the area is clean, hand scoop a quantity of Part A (yellow) and the same amount of Part B (black). Mix and knead the two components by hand until the two colours have combined to make a uniform olive green colour. Apply the mixture by hand, trowel or broad knife immediately after mixing. Spread the mixture onto the desired surface using enough pressure to displace water and air bubbles, and then smooth out the area by hand. 

An industry leader

SeaShield UW Epoxy is one of the many corrosion prevention and sealing products available from Denso North America. With its team of qualified professionals who provide technical support and on-site guidance, Denso has a proven track record of solving problems in the most challenging environments, whether above or below ground, or underwater.


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