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Understanding the required tolerances is essential when ordering cable assemblies.

Bergen Cable Technology can provide cable assemblies that are expertly designed and precisely manufactured. These reliable solutions are designed to customers’ exact specifications and are used in a broad range of critical applications, including aerospace, automotive, medical and military. But to get an ideal cable assembly, it is important that customers understand the length tolerances required for the application.

Tolerance requirements

The method used to produce cable assemblies is often dictated by the overall length tolerances required. Applications that demand close tolerances often result in a higher cost for production and quality assurance. To ensure all requirements are met, Bergen Cable suggests customers review and approve the allowable tolerance and methods of inspection prior to the start of production. 

Visit the Bergen Cable website to see charts that provide information on length tolerances for cable assemblies. The company offers three options for tolerances: commercial, special and tight. For example, assemblies less than two feet long have a tolerance of 0.125 inches when the “commercial” methods are used. In comparison, the “special” tolerance for a two-foot assembly is 0.063 inches, and the “tight” tolerance is 0.047 inches. For assemblies longer than 100 feet, the tolerance is either one or two per cent of the length, depending on the method used. To specify an assembly length, the distance should be measured between designated measuring points. The measuring points are usually located at the fittings’ load bearing points.

The company's website also provides information on conduit length tolerances. Typically, the tolerance for conduit shorter than 12 inches is 0.062 inches, and the tolerance for conduit over 24 inches is 0.250. 

An industry leader

Bergen Cable Technology has been providing wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies for more than 60 years. The company has earned a reputation for excellence thanks to its experienced professionals, advanced equipment and high standard for quality assurance. 

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Bergen Cable Technology LLC

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