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A variety of constructions are available for braided packing from Daemar.

Braided packing is often used in stuffing boxes for pumps to seal all types of fluids. Daemar can supply a wide range of braided packing in a variety of constructions, each designed to meet specific operating environment conditions. Its lineup includes square braided, braid over braid, braid over core, and interbraid, which are each made by braiding yarns, ribbons, rovings and other materials in various ways.

Square braid

Square braid (also known as square plaited braid) packing is made by passing strands of material over and under strands running in the same direction. The resulting packing is typically soft and has the capability to carry a large percentage of lubricant. This type of braided packing is easy on equipment. In fact, its softness makes it suitable for old and worn out equipment. It is often used for high-speed rotary service with relatively low pressure. This packing is usually supplied in square cross-sections, but this braiding method can also produce rectangular sizes. 

Braid over braid

Sometimes referred to as round braid or multiple braid, braid over braid packing is made using round braiding machines that create tubular jackets. To obtain the desired size, these jackets are braided one over the other. This type of packing is relatively dense and is well suited for high-pressure, slow-speed applications, including valve stems, expansion joints, groove gasketing and more. It can be supplied in round, square or rectangular cross-sections.

Braid over core

Braid over core packing is made by braiding one or more jackets over a core that may be extruded, twisted, wrapped or knitted. This type of packing is available in a wide range of densities and cross-sections.


Interbraid packing is made by crisscrossing strands from the surface diagonally through the body of the packing. This type of braid offers a solid integral structure, as each strand is strongly locked to other strands. The resulting packing is relatively dense, yet flexible. It features durability, even distribution of yarn density, and superior lubricant retention. This type of packing is suitable for use in agitators, valves, grooves, expansion joints, and reciprocating and centrifugal pumps.

Daemar can supply many different types of packing, including food grade, high temperature and chemical-resistant packing. For more information, contact Daemar.


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