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The symbols on safety shoes are a quick way to identify safety attributes.

With a mission to make it easy to be safe, Mister Safety Shoes offers safety footwear for every job. Whether it calls for toe protection, thermal insulation or electric shock resistance, the safety shoe specialist stocks a variety of appropriate footwear. The selection includes more than three dozen brands, with shoes for even the most unique work environments.

When it comes to choosing the right shoe for the job, CCOHS markings provide quick identification of a shoe's safety attributes. Here’s a handy breakdown of what the markings mean so you can make the right choice for your workplace. You’ll find that all footwear in Mister Safety Shoes’ retail locations and through its online store is clearly marked. Its sales associates can also help you select the right footwear based on your work conditions and requirements.

  • Green triangle: This footwear offers sole puncture protection and a Grade 1 protective toe, meaning it can withstand impacts up to 125 joules. They are appropriate for all industrial and heavy work environments that have sharp objects (such as nails) present.
  • Yellow triangle: This footwear offers puncture protection and Grade 2 toe protection, meaning it can withstand impacts up to 90 joules. They are suitable for light industrial work environments that call for both toe and puncture protection.
  • White rectangle with "omega" symbol: The soles on this footwear provide electric shock resistance. It is appropriate for any industrial environment where accidental contact with live conductors is possible. It is important to remember that the electric shock resistance can be greatly reduced by wear and wet conditions.
  • Yellow rectangle with the grounding symbol and "SD" in green letters: This footwear has static dissipative soles. They are appropriate for any environment where static discharge can pose a danger to workers or equipment.
  • Red rectangle with grounding symbol and a black letter "C": This footwear has electrically conductive soles. They are suited to any industrial environment where low-power electrical charges can pose a hazard to workers or equipment.
  • White label with a green fir tree: This footwear provides protection for workers using chainsaws. They are ideal for forestry workers or anyone working with or around hand-held chainsaws and cutting tools.
  • Blue rectangle: This footwear offers a Grade 1 protective toe with no protective sole. It is well suited to industrial work where puncture protection is not needed.
  • Grey rectangle: This footwear has a Grade 2 protective toe with no sole protection. It is appropriate for institutional and non-industrial work.

To learn more about selecting the right footwear for the job, contact Mister Safety Shoes.


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