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Bergen Cable Technology manufactures a wide variety of cable assemblies.

Cable construction plays a major role in wire rope flexibility. The more wires in a strand or cable of a given diameter, the more flexible it is. 

For example, if minimal flexing is required in an application, a 1x7 or a 1x19 strand, with seven and 19 wires respectively, is the best option. These strands are ideal for applications where the rope is a fixed member or a straight linkage. However, cables designed with 3x7, 7x7 and 7x19 construction offer increasing degrees of flexibility. These designs are used in applications where continuous flexing is a requirement.

A closer look at cable strands

Cable strands are available with various degrees of flexibility.

  • 1x7: This cable offers the least stretch and the stiffest construction. 
  • 1x19: This cable is fairly flexible, and resists compressive forces. The stronger cables are those more than 3/32 inches in diameter.
  • 7x7: This durable cable is ideal for general purpose construction because of its strength and flexibility. It can be used over pulleys.
  • 7x19: This is the strongest and most flexible cable with the greatest stretch. It is ideal for use over pulleys.

A leading cable provider

Bergen Cable Technology manufactures a wide variety of cable assemblies — everything from standard lanyard cables to complex cable systems. The New Jersey-based company has developed a reputation for manufacturing high performing cables for demanding applications over its 60-plus year history. Its cables are designed to meet industry stringent requirements in many sectors, including aerospace, transportation, business equipment, furniture, marine, medical and military industries. 

To learn more about its lineup of cables, and which cable is best suited for your specific application, contact Bergen Cable Technology


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