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ELS often installs monorail systems to meet customer needs.

Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment’s products can be found in a wide range of industries. From automotive and construction to food and beverage and clean room, each sector the company serves comes with its own set of challenges that ELS can meet with ease.

One recent application involved an underground university scientific testing laboratory that required a clean room solution in a tight space. The lab turned to ELS for help.

Application details

The university laboratory was conducting astrophysical research, and required materials to be lifted into testing equipment during one of its processes. The lab is a wash-down, dust-free environment, built in an underground rock cavern, with limited space for equipment and a lifting system. The university needed a supplier with experience meeting clean room specifications for lifting equipment, and one that was capable of providing a custom-engineered solution. ELS was the ideal partner.

ELS provided the university with a modular monorail system that could handle a 1,000-kilogram load. The system featured a food-grade electric chain hoist that travelled on a cantilevering beam. The whole system was a bolt-together modular design, which allowed sections of the monorail system to fit into a mine shaft elevator and be assembled in the final location. ELS also provided a custom rigging mount to allow a mobile mining lifter (similar to a fork truck) to lift sections over the process equipment during assembly.

To accommodate the wash-down activities and prevent corrosion, a galvanized finish was applied to the structural steel. In addition, a food-grade electric chain hoist was selected that is capable of withstanding wash-downs. The hoist featured a variable frequency drive to provide gentle and precise lifting and placement of loads. And, because the electrical power underground is unstable and had non-standard voltage, a custom transformer was installed.

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This is just one example of the many companies that turn to ELS to meet their application challenges. For additional information on how the manufacturer can help your specific application, contact Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment.


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