REDwire U/Screen Cloth Channels offer superior shaker screen protection for mining industries

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Our U/Screen Cloth Channel flat top model dimensions include standard configurations and heavy duty formats, with sizes ranging from 1/ 4” to 3/4’’.

Shaker screen cloth protectors are vital components used within industrial mining machinery and inside metal parts of oil and gas drilling equipment.

Renew and extend the life of your screen cloth with shaker screen cloth protection that cushions the bar frame and screen cloth.

Also commonly known as buffer strips, bucker up strips and screen channels, shaker screen cloth channels are designed to keep screen cloths in place while shale shakers remove, separate and vibrate drilled solids and particles.

Shaker screen protection prevents metal-to-metal deterioration, acting as a shock absorber from materials displaced on the screen; this equals both a drop in noise when in operation, as well as a decrease in overall maintenance costs because of reduced metal-to-metal contact.

Constructed with abrasion resistant materials, shaker screen protector channels also resist tears and cuts while using a positive gripping action.

Polymer Extrusions meets or exceeds customer specifications crafting industrial shaker screen protectors and screen cloth channels in a wide range of sizes, dimensions and configurations. Visit us at for images and detailed parametric data.

One example of our shaker screen protection components is our U/Screen Cloth Channel, which surpasses the industry standard in design, quality and fabricated materials.

Because of the U/Screen Cloth Channel heavy duty top thickness, they allow for maximum service life with minimum wear and tear, an ideal solution to reduce maintenance and labour costs. Also bearing impact resistance properties, this U-shaped shaker screen channel is structured for the most demanding and exacting mining applications.

Our U/Screen Cloth Channel protectors are constructed in both a flat top design and a round top format. Flat top dimensions include standard configurations as well as heavy duty formats, with sizes ranging from 1/ 4” to 3/4’’. Round top specifications vary from 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” standard 100 feet coils.


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