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The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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Ohio Broach machines are used to produce parts of all types.

Broaching is an efficient machining process that can be used to create a variety of shapes. One company that knows this well is The Ohio Broach & Machine Company. Ohio Broach can design and build broaching machines and tooling to suit any application. In addition, the company provides production broaching services for all types of products.

The parts that have been made on broaching machines from Ohio Broach range from medical implants and hand tools to rifle lower receivers.

Medical implants

When machining stainless steel surgical implants, an Ohio Broach machine enabled the efficient production of implants of varying lengths. It involved a two-pass operation where serrations and an end radius were broached on one pass. The part was then rotated 180 degrees and broached again on the remaining sides.

Hand tools

Hand tools are one type of product that is commonly broached. Some examples include pliers, wrenches and medical hemostats. Production of these tools can include surface, internal and straddle broaching operations. For one project, The Ohio Broach & Machine Company was asked to find a better way to broach a ready-to-assemble wrench jaw. The manufacturer’s existing operation was experiencing tooling breakage problems, and the process was inefficient as it required multiple setups to broach the parts. For this application, Ohio Broach engineers developed a solution where all of the broaching operations were handled on a single 15-ton, 90-inch stroke machine.

Lower receivers for AR-15 rifles

Ohio Broach has tooled this operation for many manufacturers and developed the best method to meet the tight tolerances for military standards. An Ohio HF1572 horizontal broach machine is used for this application. For broach handling, the machine incorporates a retriever unit and an automatically actuated, hydraulically clamped fixture. Once the operator loads a part and presses the cycle start buttons, the whole operation is automatic.

For more information on the capabilities of machines from Ohio Broach, visit the company’s website.


The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

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