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Broaching is used to create a broad variety of parts.

Broaching machines are versatile pieces of equipment. From wrenches and cutting teeth to medical implants, the sheer variety of shapes and parts that can be produced by broaching is exceptional.

The inherent versatility of these machines is enhanced by The Ohio Broach & Machine Company, as the company performs custom design and manufacturing of both tooling and complete broaching machines. 

Broaching capabilities

Hand tools are often made using broaching machines. Some examples include pliers, wrenches and medical hemostats. The jaws of pliers and the open end of wrenches can be made using surface broaching, while the box end of wrenches are made using internal broaching. To create the joint section of hemostats, straddle broaching is used.

A variety of teeth and serrations can be easily produced through broaching. For example, alternating cutting teeth for saw blades can be produced in a single pass with “on the fly” broaching. The process allows multiple surfaces to be cut in one pass. In addition, the teeth can range greatly in size and style. For instance, broaching is used to produce large teeth on heavy-duty gears, as well as fine serrations.

Slots on shafts can be created through broaching. When working with parts, such as transmission shafts that require close tolerances and a fine surface finish, multiple passes can be used. The final pass acts to remove any tool marks and achieve a precise finish.

A broad range of parts and forms can be made using internal broaching. Also known as “traditional” broaching, the process is used to machine squares, grooves, keyways, involute splines, and much more. Internal broaching offers a cost-effective way to mass produce custom or irregular internal forms.

Manufacturing expertise 

The Ohio Broach & Machine Company has been in business since 1956 and has experience in all aspects of the broaching industry. It offers everything from broach sharpening to broaching production services. When designing custom equipment, the company takes into consideration customer requirements and part specifications to create the ideal solution. 

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