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Rotem Industrial Products Inc

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High-quality turning tools of many types and sizes are available from Rotem.

A variety of turning tools are available from Rotem Industrial Products. The company prides itself on only carrying metalworking tools of the highest quality. The selection available includes turning tools of many sizes, grades and the latest innovative geometries from Ingersoll Cutting Tools.

To give customers a refresher course on what to look for in a turning tool, the company’s website provides some information on the basics of turning tools.


Turning is an operation that involves using stationary turning tools on a rotating workpiece to perform a single cut. There are a number of variables that come into play when choosing an appropriate turning tool. They include the nose radius (and other geometries), coating types, chip former and workpiece design and material. An additional consideration is whether rough, medium or finish turning is required for the application. For example, rough turning will remove about 0.200 inches of material, medium turning will remove about .60 to .250 inches of material, and finish turning will remove about 0.08 inches of material.

A common mistake many manufacturers make is to apply a roughing tool when a medium turning tool would better suit the application. Using the wrong type of turning tool can increase cycle times and tooling costs, reducing profitability.

Chip formation

The method of chip formation and removal from the workpiece is another consideration to keep in mind when choosing the right tool for the application. Some of the most important factors that affect chip removal are geometries, feed rate and rake angle. Proper chip formation and removal can take away about 80 per cent of the heat produced by cutting, which helps ensure safety, long tool life and reliable operation. The latest turning tools are designed to form chips that can be managed by the machine and can carry most of the heat away as they leave the work area.

For more information, visit the Rotem website.


Rotem Industrial Products Inc

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