REDwire TTR test set a valuable tool for transformer testing

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A transformer turns ratio test set can directly measure the turns ratio of single- and three-phase transformers.

The proper operation of a transformer relies almost entirely on the electrical properties of its windings. To ensure continued proper operation, transformers are tested to verify that their electrical properties have not changed from design specifications. A TTR is a valuable tool to test transformer windings, as it is designed to help locate problems within single- and three-phase transformers.

A useful instrument

A transformer turns ratio test set can directly measure the turns ratio of single- and three-phase transformers. Deviations in these measurements indicate problems in transformer windings and in the magnetic core circuits. If a transformer ratio deviates more than 0.5 percent from the rated nameplate ratio, it may have a fault, which reflects in inefficient or improper operation. To measure small ratio changes like this, Megger has the perfect tool. Its TTR20 is an automatic, hand-held, battery-operated transformer turns ratio test set that measures the turns ratio, excitation current and polarity of windings in single- and three-phase distribution and power transformers, potential and current transformers, and tapped transformers.

The TTR20 has many advantages. Best suited for power transformers up to one MVA, this tool features a user-friendly design with one-button operation, which allows the user to easily operate the test set while holding it in one hand.

In addition, the TTR20 features a rugged build that is capable of withstanding the extreme environments these types of testers must operate in, such as substations, transformer manufacturing environments and meter shops. It has a high impact, shock-resistant case, yet is extremely lightweight at just 870 grams (1.9 pounds). The unit also has a high-contrast, backlit LCD screen that can be seen in bright or ambient light. Measured results can be displayed directly on the easy-to-read LCD screen or printed to the optional printer. The TTR20 does not require additional software, and is ready to use out of the box.

A test and measurement expert

Megger is the ideal source for electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. It carries a wide range of tools, including the TTR20.

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