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Tsubaki's Cam Clutch solutions reliably operate in harsh environments.

Tsubaki engineers have spent five decades designing and improving upon unidirectional and mechanical clutches to enhance their reliability and performance. The result is the company’s line of Cam Clutch solutions, complete with innovative features to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments.

Backstop Cam Clutches

In backstopping applications, clutches are used to prevent reverse rotation of drive shafts, which may cause damage to expensive machinery and equipment. Tsubaki pioneered the non-rollover design in its clutches, which means that even if an unexpectedly large reverse torque occurs, the clutches will not roll over. Typical backstop applications are in conveyor systems and gear reducers. 

The company carries several lines of clutches designed for backstopping applications, including its BR-HT Series, BREU Series, BS/BS-HS Series, BSEU Series and TXT/CA Series.

Indexing Clutches

In indexing applications, reciprocating motion applied to the clutch transforms into one-direction motion. A crank mechanism on Tsubaki’s design provides reciprocating motion to drive the Cam Clutch, which then drives in the forward stroke and overruns on the return stroke, indexing the feeding roller forward.

Tsubaki carries several solutions for indexing applications, including its MIUS Series, MZ Series and MZEU Series.

Overrunning Clutches

In overrunning applications, the clutches spin freely the majority of the time, though they are sometimes required to lock up and drive. Typical applications include a two-speed drive, where the machine is driven by either an electric motor or geared motor. When the gear motor drives at low speed, the clutch engages. At higher speeds, the clutch overruns, automatically switching between low and high speeds.

The company’s portfolio of Overrunning Cam Clutches includes its BB Series, BUS 200 Series, MGUS/R Series, OB-ON/OF Series, OB-SF Series, PBUS Series, TFS Series and TSS Series.

Additional details

All Cam Clutch products from Tsubaki are available in a variety of bore sizes and torque capacities to meet each application’s unique needs.

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Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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