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Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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Workhorse elevator chains are manufactured with specially selected, premium, high strength steels.

Tsubaki’s Workhorse Series elevator chains are, as the name suggests, extremely strong. But that’s an understatement. These chains, which have been specifically designed for use within aggressive bulk material handling environments, combine superior strength, maximum toughness and legendary dependability, putting this series of elevator chains, the company says, “in a league of its own”. 

Ultimate strength

Workhorse elevator chains are manufactured with specially selected, premium, high strength steels. Using these specially selected materials and a portfolio of well-refined proprietary manufacturing processes, these chains achieve an ultimate strength rating, far exceeding many rival designs. Models are available with an average tensile strength of 145,000 to 285,000. 

Superior ruggedness

The chains also offer unparalleled toughness and wear resistance, thanks to the exclusive and precisely refined series of heat treatments used during the manufacturing process. The chains are designed to resist the abrasive and demanding forces of aggregate elevators, and can be exposed to harsh fine particulates such as cement, lime, gypsum, salt and potash, as well as coal, sugar, grain, clay and fertilizer.

Best-in-class features 

Tsubaki offers an extensive portfolio of premium upgrades to suit each unique application. These upgrades include plated pins/bushings and patented joint seals, which can be incorporated individually or in combination. 

The Workhorse Series utilizes Tsubaki’s patented sealed joint chain, with an extended bushing barrier seal, which creates a solid barrier that inhibits abrasive material from entering the pin/bushing joint. It also has a polymer wide face seal, constructed of a high temperature engineered polymer, which provides an additional particulate-resistant barrier to help protect the joint and minimize contamination. A stainless steel internal ring seal helps prevent debris from getting into the pin/bushing area. 

Additional details

Tsubaki has earned a reputation for offering innovative and dependable chains. The company’s engineering team has the expertise to help customers select the correct chain and features for the application, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. 

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Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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