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Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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Tsubaki can manufacture high-quality chains suited for the demands of the forestry sector in Western Canada and the Northwestern Pacific U.S.

When it comes to the needs of the forestry industry, particularly where chains are concerned, there is no requirement that Tsubaki can’t meet through its newly acquired company, Diasaw Manufacturing. The company offers welding, fabrication and machining services, enabling it to manufacture a variety of high-quality chains suited for the demands of the forestry sector in Western Canada and the Northwestern Pacific U.S.


Diasaw has a complete welding and fabrication shop, which includes MIG, stick and cast iron welding capabilities, brazing, plasma and gas cutting, as well as custom fabrication. Its equipment includes a 50-ton iron worker and an S20 Hyd Mech bandsaw, as well as the fittings, hardware and specialty items needed for fabrication and assembly. The company’s machining services include turning to 34-inch diameters, as well as slotting up to a 12-inch length through bore, key seating, milling, drilling and tapping. These services enable it to satisfy any requirement for the forestry sector.


Thanks to their capacity and capabilities, Tsubaki and Diasaw can manufacture a selection of chains suited for the forestry industry. They include:

  • 81X chains. This versatile chain is available in many grades of quality. Depending on the type chosen, they are suitable for non-timed conveyor applications, multi-strand timed conveyors, or any application where contamination of the product must be avoided.
  • Drop sorter chains. Today’s sawmills generally use one of three chains for their drop sorter: 81X, C2100H or 3939 chains. Each chain is fabricated with an attachment to push or carry finished boards to a sorting bin by size. These chains help the drop sorter run at peak performance, reliably, at all times.
  • Sharp top chains. These chains offers increased conveyance speeds and superior durability. They feature case hardened pins and lube groove bushings to help extend chain life in the most demanding applications, and resist high wear and shock loads. The chains’ induction hardened tips reduce the occurrence of worn tips, offering a 20 per cent increase in wear resistance without compromising strength.
  • Welded steel mill chain. These chains are designed to provide high tensile and fatigue strength in forestry applications, while withstanding high shock loading and providing resistance to abrasive material, as well as extreme temperatures and climates.

To learn more about Tsubaki’s expertise in the forestry sector, visit the Diasaw Manufacturing website


Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

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