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Material transfer vehicles used in asphalt applications can incorporate engineered class chain with scraper assembly and sprockets.

Tsubaki’s asphalt chains are the strongest, longest-lasting chains in the industry, built to withstand the hard aggregates, shock loads and intense heat they’re exposed to in harsh paving applications. The series and its components offer a complete solution to the asphalt industry.

A complete solution

Asphalt chains are available in multiple styles, with multiple components engineered specifically for the asphalt industry. The complete solution includes:

  • Incline conveyor chains;
  • Engineered class drive chains;
  • Bucket elevator chains;
  • Apron conveyor chains;
  • Paver chains;
  • Asphalt and Smart Tooth sprockets;
  • Engineered class chain with scraper assembly and sprockets; and
  • The One-Touch Inspection Door. 

Designed for harsh applications

To withstand harsh applications in the asphalt industry, Tsubaki’s quality components can be combined to create a total solution to meet the unique needs of each application. The result is a solution that offers tight press fits and precise pitch control, increased strength and long service life.

Material transfer vehicles used in asphalt applications, for example, can incorporate engineered class chain with scraper assembly and sprockets. Tsubaki’s hardened segmental sprocket is ideal for this application because it’s constructed of hardened alloy steel, and features a mud relief design that prevents material build up, as well as mounting holes for standard hub bodies. Scrapers for this application can be assembled to meet the requirements of the application. Tsubaki stocks its scrapers for fast and convenient delivery.

A leading manufacturer

Asphalt chains and the components in the complete assembly feature the same advantages of all Tsubaki products. They are high-quality, designed for long-lasting operations, and perform reliably, even with high shock loads. In addition, they offer durable operation in tough conditions, and decreased downtime and fewer unplanned stops.

To learn more about the complete solution for the asphalt industry, contact Tsubaki.


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