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Tsubaki's versatile products are used across many industries.

Tsubaki carries a wide selection of versatile drive, engineered and conveyor chains, as well as sprockets, bushings and other components, that can be used across a wide range of industries to keep products moving at maximum efficiency.


Chain breakage or wear can lead to lost production time and maintenance shutdowns in the automotive industry. Tsubaki understands that downtime results in lost money, which is why its reliable chains and sprockets are found in plants throughout North America. The company’s many products that are ideal for the automotive sector include accumulating conveyor chain, bearing roller chain, chain couplings, side roller chain and more.


Tsubaki builds high-performance power transmission products for a variety of food applications — from ovens to freezers, and processing to packing. Its solutions can stand up the the industry’s high demands, whether the application calls for sanitary conditions, precision indexing requirements, extreme temperatures, corrosive environments, high shock loads or continuous operations. Tsubaki products that are ideal for the food industry include anti-corrosive conveyor and drive chains, British standard attachment and drive chains, can feeder and closer chains, chocolate forming chain, dairy case conveyor chain, ice cream hardening chain, red meat processing chain, and more.


For almost a century, Tsubaki has been specializing in forestry chains to keep the industry moving in its many demanding applications. Its products that are ideal for the forestry market include bull edger, bushings, drop sorter, forestry chain, idler sprockets, the Lambda drive, trimmer lug and more.


The manufacturing industry requires sophisticated, precision products that will suit their demanding applications, and Tsubaki can deliver. Its range of products suited for the manufacturing sector include accumulating conveyor chain, anti-corrosive conveyor and drive chain, draw bench chain, drop-forged rivetless chain, hollow pin conveyor chain and much more.


Whether surface or underground mining, both are faced with the challenge of operating in extremely abrasive environments, and require rugged and reliable equipment. Tsubaki has the products and the practical knowledge this industry demands to ensure steady performance. For surface mining applications, Tsubaki’s heavy-duty roller chains, conveyor chains, reclaimer chains, engineering class sprockets and protection devices support rotary breakers, shovels, diverter chutes, coal port loading facilities, rail loading stations, wash plants, refineries, smelters and conveyors. For underground mining applications, the company’s specially designed shuttle car chains, feeder breakers, heavy-duty chains, and chains for continuous miners are ideal.

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