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Tsubaki chains are a top choice for use in the automotive industry.

In the automotive industry, unexpected shutdowns due to chains breaking or wearing can lead to lost production time and, as a result, lost revenue. Using quality chains and sprockets that are suitable for the application is critical to avoid such unnecessary, and costly, interruptions. This is why Tsubaki chains are a top choice for use in the automotive industry. They aid in hassle-free operations, and help customers realize increased productivity and profitability.

The lineup

Tsubaki’s chains and sprockets are found in automotive plants throughout North America thanks to the company’s reputation for reliability, and its wide selection of chain sizes, types and configurations designed to suit many applications. The lineup includes:

  • Accumulating conveyor chains: Also known as free flow chains, these units enable users to stop conveyed objects with a stopper while the chains run continuously. They were developed to eliminate the possibility of damaging conveyed objects during accumulating mode. These chains feature rollers that support conveyed objects. When accumulating, freely rotating rollers are in contact with the bottom side of the goods conveyed, which ensures smooth and damage-free operation.
  • Bearing roller chains: These high-performance chains are used for large conveyance. They feature cylindrical roller bearings installed between the bushing and roller of the conveyor chain, which reduces friction to one-third of conventionally constructed conveyor chains.
  • Metric roller conveyor chains: Tsubaki’s metric roller conveyor chains are manufactured to meet the needs of a variety of continuous and intermittent handling applications when belt, screw or pneumatic conveyors are not appropriate. These specialty chains enable the smooth and stable flow of raw materials and heavy bulk items, and can even operate in extreme conditions.
  • Side roller chains: Double pitch roller chains are used for free flow conveyance, usually in sets of two. They include standard or oversized side rollers, which are installed on extended pins.

Additional details

The company’s flexible roller chain couplings and drop lifters are also commonly used in automotive applications. To learn more, contact Tsubaki.


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