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Tsubaki offers a wide selection of quality chain tools and accessories.

Tsubaki’s extensive portfolio of chains, sprockets, bushings and more includes a wide selection of quality chain tools and accessories. From chain punches, vises, breakers and pullers, to tensioners, fixtures and engineering class chain tools, the leading manufacturer’s extensive offering is designed to meet the needs of a range of applications.

Chain cutting and connecting tools

Tsubaki carries a wide variety of chain cutting and connecting tools. Its portfolio includes:

  • Chain punches, available in primary, secondary and riveting punch types;
  • Chain vises, available in lengths from 3.940 to 7.870 inches, and heights from 2.560 to 6.690 inches;
  • Chain breakers, which can be used with different chain numbers, such as RS25, RS60, RS100, RS120, RS160 and RS240;
  • Chain pullers, which can be used with different chain numbers, such as RS35, RS40, RS60, RS80 and RS240, to install the chain on a machine; 
  • Poly steel chain cutting tools, designed for use with poly steel chains since standard chain cutting tools will not work; and
  • Lambda chain cutting tools, designed to cut Lambda chains.

Chain tensioners

Chain tensioners adjust slackness in the chain to enable continuous and proper chain operation. They are comprised of a main unit and an idler sprocket with a varying number of teeth depending on the model chosen.

End fixtures

Designed to fit on the end of roller chains for added strength, end fixtures include end fitting bolts and end fitting bolt connecting links. They are available in multiple sizes.

Engineering class chain tools (ECCT)

This patented, portable tool is designed to quickly and safely disassemble and assemble chains in critical environments without causing damage to the chain. ECCT requires no impact, and works in just five simple steps, saving time and money for the user.

Additional details

These accessories are available in Canada from Tsubaki, a manufacturer celebrating 100 years in business this year. Over the last century, the company has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality service and cutting-edge technologies, including many different types, sizes and varieties of drive, conveyor and engineered class chain, as well as sprockets and power transmission utility components.

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