REDwire The TRP Automatic Spray Gun sets the standard for electrostatic paint application

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The TRP sprayer features high flow rate and high transfer efficiency.

Exel North America offers the sprayer of choice in the world of industrial and automotive finishing: the TRP Automatic Spray Gun.

The TRP is a pneumatic-electrostatic spray gun that can apply solvent or water-soluble liquid paints. It offers very high flow rates of up to 1200 cm3/min. In addition, the electrostatic application of the TRP has great transfer efficiency when compared to conventional air spray applications, which saves paint and makes it easier to achieve a full coating.

High transfer efficiency

Depending on the shape of the part being sprayed, the TRP can provide 30 to 60 per cent higher transfer efficiency. A light application is enough to fully paint the surfaces of a part, because the electrostatic wrap around effect attracts paint to the part's rear side.

Besides providing a thorough coating, the high transfer efficiency can save a significant amount of paint and help keep the spray booth clean. Also, the high transfer efficiency helps reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes it easier to comply with environmental regulations.

Additional features

The TRP is easy to use and versatile. Adjustments to the atomization, paint flow and spray pattern can be made manually, remotely or with a PLC. Another benefit of the TRP is simplified maintenance. That's because an integrated purge valve enables the equipment to be primed, rinsed and drained with minimum paint projection into the cabin. 

The TRP spray heads are designed and built to provide long life with consistent spray quality. The sprayer can be equipped to produce a round or flat jet. All of these various features make the TRP ideal for automotive and general industry applications.

To learn more, visit the Exel North America website.



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